With Winning with Commercial Real Estate, discover the secrets to investing in Class-A commercial properties, shared for the first time by real estate entrepreneur, businessman and author, Harmel Rayat.

Like most investors, one of your top goals has been to enjoy a financially secure retirement at whatever age you choose.  That being the case, it stands to reason that your retirement “nest egg” should ideally generate above-market returns, often with below-market risk.

Commercial real estate achieves both of those goals and should always be a core, essential component of your retirement portfolio… achieved with only a modest investment.

In addition to learning how to purchase and manage your own Class-A commercial real estate, Winning with Commercial Real Estate will teach you how to make passive income with commercial real estate by owning partnership units or interests of real estate limited partnerships.

Most investors have the same goals: a financially secure retirement, which means two things. They want to maintain a comfortable, long-lasting lifestyle… and they don’t want to outlive their retirement savings. Winning with Commercial Real Estate holds the very secrets to achieving both goals…

You’ll also discover the appalling truth about stocks, mutual funds, bonds, CDs, annuities, hedge funds, REITs, and the absurd fees associated with such investment vehicles… Some of which your own broker may have never shared with you.

You’ll also discover how holding real estate can protect your from broad, volatile losses. For example, in chapter three you’ll learn a field-tested, proven methodology for identifying and valuating which commercial properties to invest in now. Chapter four introduces you to the backbone of Mr. Rayat’s book, his proprietary TROPHY formula for achieving lasting success as a commercial real estate investor.

There’s something for everybody in Winning with Commercial Real Estate including Mr. Rayat’s proven S.U.C.C.E.S.S. formula for winning at any challenge in business or in life.