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Harmel S. Rayat is a prolific investor, entrepreneur and business owner based in Vancouver, Canada. He is the author of Winning with Commercial Real Estate and president and CEO of Talia Jevan Properties, Inc., a privately held commercial real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition, management and active long-term ownership of Class-A commercial real estate assets throughout North America.


Young Asian Investors See Value in Socially Responsible Investments

Great news from Asia regarding the future. A new generation of socially conscious investors is coming into their own, according to a Capgemini Asia-Pacific Wealth Report. This means a better world for everyone and—for those of us who understand the great investment opportunities in socially responsible investments (SRI) and sustainability—an affirmation that we’re going in…

Huffington Post: The Human Factor of Sustainability

We all know it’s become a no-brainer for companies—large and small—to keep one eye invested on developing and implementing sustainable practices. I’m convinced that having intelligent standards for environmental sustainability—and putting them wisely into play wherever possible—brings about numerous rewards over time. Companies will see benefits not only in terms of helping the planet, but…

Oil Prices: It’s not time to buy Houston Real Estate Just Yet

There are arguments for higher oil prices by November. There are also arguments that commercial real estate in oil-heavy states will begin to recover, near-term, as well, like Houston. However, as bullish as I am on the future of commercial real estate, I’m not confident about the oil price recovery. Quite the opposite… I believe…

More than 89% of Investors Want to Invest Here

It’s not a surprise volume has been light on the markets. U.S. elections, fear of a rate hike, OPEC, crumbling economic issues, Hurricane Matthew and a breakdown in relations with Russia and the U.S. over Syria have sent many investors to the sidelines when it comes to stocks, ETFs, and options. However, that’s not the…

Winning with Commercial Real Estate


In, Winning with Commercial Real Estate, you will discover the secrets to investing in Class-A properties as divulged for the first time by master real estate entrepreneur, businessman and author, Harmel Rayat. If you’re like most investors, one of your primary goals is to enjoy a financially secure retirement starting at whatever age you want to stop working, whether that’s 65, 55 or even younger. If that is so, it stands to reason that your retirement “nest egg” should ideally generate above-market returns, often with below-market risk.

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