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Harmel S. Rayat is a prolific investor, entrepreneur and business owner based in Vancouver, Canada. He is the author of Winning with Commercial Real Estate and president and CEO of Talia Jevan Properties, Inc., a privately held commercial real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition, management and active long-term ownership of Class-A commercial real estate assets throughout North America.


Chinese Investors Double U.S. Real Estate Investments

Analysts have been downbeat on commercial real estate for quite some time. But it makes little sense. As long as foreign investments remain intact, given historically low interest rates in a high-yielding environment, there’s little reason to be concerned with slowing growth. Look at Chinese investors, for example. In the first five months of the…

Survey: Real Estate still the Top Investment Option

It’s not a shock at all. Real estate is the most popular investment choice among investors, according to a latest Gallup poll. More than 35% of Americans chose real estate, as compared to just 22% for stocks and mutual funds. Just 17% of Americans chose gold. Another 15% chose savings accounts and CDs, and only…

Global Billionaires: How they made their Money in 2015

The global community held a record number of 2,473 billionaires in 2015. All told, they’ve accumulated more than $7.7 trillion, or more than the combined GDP of Germany and Japan. About 806 of them call Europe home. Another 628 live in the United States. Another 645 are spread throughout Asian communities. The world’s richest held about a…

Homeownerhsip: We haven’t seen such lows in 51 years

Household formations are accelerating. Unfortunately, while the U.S. added more than a million new households over the last year, many of those were renters. The U.S. homeownership rate has plunged to a 51-year low of 62.9% from 63.5% in the second quarter of 2016, a reflection of lingering concerns over the housing collapse, home prices…


Winning with Commercial Real Estate


In, Winning with Commercial Real Estate, you will discover the secrets to investing in Class-A properties as divulged for the first time by master real estate entrepreneur, businessman and author, Harmel Rayat. If you’re like most investors, one of your primary goals is to enjoy a financially secure retirement starting at whatever age you want to stop working, whether that’s 65, 55 or even younger. If that is so, it stands to reason that your retirement “nest egg” should ideally generate above-market returns, often with below-market risk.

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